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smart pulse pen

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The Pulse smartpen from Livescribe is a computer within a pen that captures handwriting and
simultaneously records audio and synchronizes it to the writing. Users can simply tap on their notes to
replay what was recorded from the exact moment they were writing, so they never miss a word they hear,
write, or speak. Further, the smartpen is a general purpose computer with rich I/O capabilities and a Java
development environment that enables a wide range of applications.

"Pulse is a new type of mobile computer that supports the four basic modes of human communication -
reading, writing, speaking and listening" said Jim Marggraff. "Using an embedded speaker and display
for audio/visual input, and microphones and a pen for audio/visual output, Pulse advances the power and
flexibility of mobile computing - it's the missing link that now connects the paper and digital worlds."

Introducing the Pulse™ Smartpen from Livescribe

The Pulse smartpen is available for preorder at and will arrive on doorsteps in
March. Key features with every Pulse smartpen purchase include:
• Pulse Smartpen - With a sleek, ergonomic design and charcoal blue anodized aluminum
housing, the smartpen weighs in at just 1.3 ounces. Pulse is available in two models. Priced at
$149, the 1GB model provides storage for recorded audio (over 100 hours), digital notes (over
16,000 pages), or add-on applications. At $199, the 2GB model doubles the storage capacity and
provides more flexibility for downloading future applications.
• Paper Replay™ - Pulse's core application enables users to record and sync audio with whatever
they write, so they never miss a word. With Paper Replay, users can tap on their notes written on
paper to hear exactly what was said. They can also fast forward, rewind, jump ahead, pause, and
even speed up or slow down their audio recordings using controls printed on the bottom of each
• Smartpen Technology - The Pulse smartpen is a sophisticated mobile computer that includes: a
high speed infrared camera with a Dot Positioning System (DPS); rechargeable lithium battery;
high contrast display for easy indoor/outdoor viewing; dual microphones for clear recording and
noise cancellation; an embedded speaker and an audio jack for Livescribe's 3D Recording

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